Tuesday, August 17, 2010

City Hall

Built in 1939, Houston’s City Hall is almost a museum unto itself. Seemingly undersized as it is dwarfed on three sides by much larger buildings, it still stands out. Constructed of Texas limestone and adorned with numerous friezes, it is simple yet elegant. The main entrance and leading steps are framed by the reflecting pool in Martha Hermann Square.

…and here is where today’s tidbit comes in. George Hermann, who donated the land for the square, reportedly stipulated in his will that any person should be allowed to sleep in the park should they so choose. The City takes the stand that the will’s language is subject to debate, but the City Attorney advises against the challenge, not wanting to risk losing the park for violating the terms of Hermann’s will.

If it weren’t so hot, I might attempt a nap there during my lunch hour.

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