Saturday, September 4, 2010

The U.K. comes to U.K.

Seems over the last several years certain areas of town have become more identity conscious. Uptown, midtown, near town have become more defined and marketed as such. Twenty-plus years ago the area sandwiched between River Oaks, West University and Greenway Plaza had no name… and thus was born Upper Kirby.

Using the abbreviation UK, they have cleverly utilized several Royal Post Boxes and signature red phone booths to enhance their newfound identity.


  1. That is ingenious. Are there working phones inside?

  2. Like its counterpart in the U.K., public phones are slowly disappearing. These are just for show.

  3. We have a bunch of these at the Epcot Center at Disney World in Orlando. I like 'em.

    Nice to hear from you...we lived in Houston from about 1975 to 1984...I hear it's become even crazier traffic-wise.