Thursday, January 20, 2011

Forbidden Gardens

Located just a bit west of Houston is place few locals visit. Opened in 1996 with the dedication towards bringing the wonders of ancient China for the American public, The Forbidden Gardens has replicated in 1/3 scale the terracotta warriors that protected the tomb of Emperor Qin.

The privately funded labor of love of Ira Pun, a Hong Kong native, spans over 40 acres and includes over 6,000 individual pieces.

Unfortunately, the Forbidden Gardens will soon be closing, making way for the expansion of the thoroughfare, the Grand Parkway.

If you get the chance... make an effort to try and see this before it closes for good.


  1. Some of the Chinese warriors are in Sweden at the moment. I didn't know about this version of the terracotta army.

  2. Well it had me fooled, I assumed you were on vacation in China. Incredible to think that this is one mans labor of love.

  3. Do they grow forbidden fruits there? ;p

  4. Fabulous - unfortunate that it has to close. Some of the warriors were just here in Toronto - probably the same ones that have gone to Sweden now.