Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fonde Recreation Center

IMG_1572 by lc_db

Opened in 1960 as a fully functional recreation center for the nearby sixth ward community, it was the indoor air-conditioned gym that brought it fame. Better known as just Fonde Rec it became THE mecca for Houston pick-up basketball.

Flash back to the early 1980s when in its hey day, future NBA Hall of Famers Moses Malone and Hakeem Olajuwan (or as he was known then, Akeem) battled away on its courts. The legend of playing at Fonde brought scores of players through its doors and allowed them to develop their skills and go on to achieve fame in the NCAA and the NBA.

…and since you asked, Yes… I actually HAVE played there.

YEARS ago.


  1. Looks like a well used and remembered place...

  2. I am sorry to interrupt, but was wondering - what does this recreation centre has to do with religion? Or is it just the slogan?

    call Nepal