Friday, September 2, 2011

True Love…

IMG_9841 by lc_db

Nothing says I love you like having a building constructed for your life-long partner. Mellie Esperson had this Italian Renaissance building designed for her late husband in 1927. The Niels Esperson building is one of the most recognizable buildings downtown with its visible cupola and its massive columns, urns and terraces.

The third tallest building in the United States and the jewel of the Houston skyline for years when it was first built; it now is shielded from clear view by its taller skyscraping neighbors. However, it has a unique way of popping into view as one makes their way around the downtown area, especially at night when the cupola and upper floors are adorned with light.

Oh… and it is also said that the ghost of Mellie can still be occasionally seen strolling about the halls and lobbies of her lasting gift to her husband and to the city.

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  1. What a lovely building and charming post