Tuesday, May 1, 2012


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Henry MacGregor was involved in Houston businesses for over 50 years. The vice president of the Houston Railroad Company from 1883 to 1903, he also was involved with the Houston Post newspaper, banking and real estate ventures. In 1924 he commissioned Gutzon Borglum to create a statue for a park that he and his wife, Elizabeth were planning.

If you recognize the sculptor’s name, it’s might be because we was also involved with a little project call Mount Rushmore.

While not as large a project, “Peggy” still weighs 28 tons and the bronze and white granite sculpture now proudly resides in MacGregor Park.

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  1. We have been to see Mt Rushmore and also went to see the house of Gutzon Borglum. I was surprised to see so many different sizes of sculpture at his house. This is a nice one.

    Hello from Brookville, Ohio, home of Abraham Lincoln. Yes, the one related to President Lincoln. You can see his hometown blog at this link: Brookville Daily Photo